How to find out, track, view, and check HTTP site header of a web server or website is down or not? Here is a solution
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Check HTTP Site Header (Header Response) & Website server status checker is it Down or Not:

To check the HTTP or HTTPS header site and Website down status checker you just enter the name of a website, domain name, or URL you want below:
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For an explanation of checking HTTP Header Response and checking the status of the Website Down or Not, please read the details below

HTTP Site Header or better known as HTTP Header Response is a collection of requests and receiving information headers from the main part of the webserver. Requests and receiving the information will be processed through protocol line with HEAD method via HTTP or HTTPS to the destination address of the intended host server. If the request process has been received, it will provide information on HTTP response status codes (Example HTTP respond code 200 (OK), 301 (Moved Permanently), 302 (Moved Temporarily), 307 (Temporary Redirect), 400 (Bad Request ), 401 (Unauthorized), 403 (Forbidden), 404 (Not Found), 410 (Gone), 500 (Internal Server Error), 503 (Service Unavailable), 504 (Gateway Timeout), 509 (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded), etc.), in this way you can find out information on the name of the webserver or detects OS version of the webserver and also the version name of the website server software is being used, as well as the type of connection, type of content, size or length of content, check content compression i.e. gzip or brotli checker, and much more.

By checking this lookup tools or header checker, it will also make it easier for you to check the server, including checking for bugs or system errors of a host on the webserver, checking status code of the website, include knowing the redirect checker, checking the status of the website is down or not (is the domain or website down or not?) Or check hosting on all website domains on the internet whether it is going well and properly to use, whether the website domain is online (active)? or is experiencing trouble / down on the server-side of hosting? Such as being offline due to maintenance, overload due to exceeding capacity, etc., and making it easier for you to find out more information about HTTP status or HTTPS header response in a domain or website. To check, please test the domain of your website/blog or other people's websites here right now.

Below is an explanation and the meaning of the status code - HTTP response codes or HTTPS headers, which we often encounter when opening web pages or URLs:

200 OK
The server has successfully processed the page request, with the 200 OK code, website/domain status or URL page exists and is correct according to the address, and the URL or domain page on the website is active and online, the server is not experiencing problems and is still running with normal according to request.

301 (Moved Permanently)
Server status is online but the requested page has been permanently moved to a URL or a different website domain.

302 (Moved Temporarily) dan 302 (Found)
Server status is online but the requested page has been temporarily moved to a different URL or website domain.

307 (Temporary Redirect)
Server status is online but the requested page has been redirected to another URI location that is different from the source.

Note :
If you find the 301, 302, and 307 status codes and to determine whether status is online or not at a different address, you should double-check the website/domain name or URL to the address that you moved or redirected.

400 (Bad Request)
The server is offline because the request cannot be fulfilled due to an error or syntax command failure, the request cannot be understood by the server due to the wrong syntax, and incorrect modifications have occurred, with this status the website or domain server will experience problems or is down.

401 (Unauthorized)
Server status is online but the request to open the page requires user authentication to be able to open it to that page.

403 (Forbidden)
Server status is online but the request page on the website or domain is not allowed to be opened.

404 (Not Found)
Server status is online but the request to open a page on the requested website or domain cannot be found or has been deleted.

410 (Gone)
The server is offline the requested page is no longer available, the requested resource is no longer available on the server and there is no known forwarding address, as a result, the server is down.

500 (Internal Server Error)
The server is experiencing problems or there is a condition when the server is failing to make a request, the traffic is busy because of the large number of page requests, with this status the server will experience down.

503 (Service Unavailable)
The page request is currently unavailable, overloading, or it could happen because the domain or website is offline maintenance or is down.

504 (Gateway Timeout)
The server is offline and down because the server does not receive a timely response so that the page request fails to open, eventually, the server goes down because it exceeds the predetermined time limit, with this status the server will automatically experience interference or downtime.

509 (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded)
The server does not receive a page request for exceeding bandwidth limits or quotas specified domain or website eventually will be impaired offline or down.

Hopefully, this information will be very useful to you.