How to find out, track, view, and check TCP port IP or port checker, Proxy and hostname active or not? Here is a solution
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Check TCP Port IP or Port Checker, Proxy and Hostname / Check Port Website (active or not active?):

To use the online port checker for opened or closed ports and the proxy server checker, you only need to enter the hostname/website name or IP and port number below:


For an explanation of checking the port, please read the details below

What is a TCP Port? In computer networks, the TCP port on TCP / IP and UDP networks, the port is the endpoint to a logical connection and the way the client program determines a particular server program on a computer on the network, the port number identifies what a type port it is using, the port that the software creates A device is always associated with an IP address or hostname and communication protocol type, it completes the network address of the message destination or origin.

The port identified for each protocol and address combination is an unsigned 16-bit number, commonly known as a port number, ports ranging from 0 to 65535. For TCP, port number 0 reserved which cannot a used, whereas for UDP, the source port is optional and zero means no port. A process connects its input or output channels through an Internet socket, which a type file the descriptor, with a transport protocol, IP address, and port number.

Ports provide multiplexing services for multiple services or multiple communication sessions at one network address. A special port number is usually assigned to identify a particular service. Port numbers 1024 down to the lowest called well-known port numbers and identify the most commonly used historical services. In the client-server model of the application architecture, a multiplex service created, so that multiple communication sessions can be simultaneously initiated for the same service. The most commonly used protocols that use ports are the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

With this port checker lookup tool, it will make it easier for you to check TCP port IP and hostname are currently running on all public IPs on the internet or IP address on the server, domain, website URL / hostname is online, is it active or not? Check whether the port opened or closed? You can use this port check to check the port on the proxy server too, for example with anonymous proxy types, transparent proxy, elite, or a proxy with socks 4 and 5 socks types.

So by checking in this proxy checker, you can find out with test a port whether proxy server at that port number still opened/active or not active/closed with status blocked? If the proxy is still active it will display the status code 200 OK, and if you have a proxy server, please check now with these tools, and this tools works online and can also commonly check ports on surveillance camera devices such as CCTV video, IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs that connected to the internet via port forwarding from the router, So please check the public IP port or your own IP or hostname on the PC of the computer/device you are using here.

For additional information, below are the most commonly used ports number also service name it on the internet:

Port 21 -> FTP
Port 22 -> SSH
Port 23 -> TELNET
Port 25 -> SMTP
Port 53 -> DNS
Port 80 -> HTTP
Port 110 -> POP3
Port 115 -> SFTP
Port 135 -> RPC
Port 139 -> NetBIOS
Port 143 -> IMAP
Port 194 -> IRC
Port 443 -> SSL/TLS
Port 445 -> SMB
Port 554 -> RTSP
Port 587 -> SMTP submission
Port 993 -> IMAP over SSL/TLS
Port 995 -> POP3 over SSL/TLS
Port 1433 -> MSSQL
Port 2082 -> Cpanel default port
Port 2083 -> Cpanel over SSL
Port 2086 -> Cpanel Webhost Manager/WHM (default)
Port 2087 -> Cpanel Webhost Manager/WHM over SSL
Port 2095 -> Cpanel Webmail
Port 2096 -> Cpanel webmail over SSL
Port 3306 -> MySQL
Port 3389 -> Remote Desktop
Port 5632 -> PCAnywhere
Port 5900 -> VNC
Port 6112 -> Warcraft III
Port 6665-6669 -> IRC
and many other ports...

Hopefully, this information will be very useful to you.