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In this section, you can also check PTR or RDNS (Reverse DNS or Reverse IP) Record lookups

For an explanation of checking DNS records or nslookup, please read the details below

DNS stands for Domain Name System. By checking DNS or nslookup online, you can find out info about DNS, and check DNS propagation for the domain used on the website or that IP. The function of DNS is to map, and translate from domain name to IP address, and otherwise, without DNS or what is commonly referred to as a DNS server name, the domain name/website name cannot be online on the internet.

A DNS record is a database system that provides zone file information about websites on the internet, basically maps the files that tell the DNS server to the IP address of the domain, and how to handle those requests is sent to each domain. When someone visits a website, a request sent to a DNS server and then forwarded to a web server provided by the web hosting company, which contains the information and data contained on the website.

DNS servers have records stored in a DNS database called "DNS Records" and inside them have identical command strings called DNS syntax or better known as DNS record types. Some examples of DNS Record syntax are commonly used in almost all DNS record configurations for example A, CNAME, MX, NS. With these tools, you can easily check DNS or DNS checkers, namely starting to check all syntax records, including records A, AAAA, MX mail server, PTR, SOA, NS, SPF, ANY, TXT, CNAME, CAA, and also other records.

With these DNS lookup tools, it is very helpful to find out, analyze and check if there troubleshooting or problem, especially in the DNS configuration section of a website server so that you can fix it or solve the problem easily, for example if your website is still not accessible, make sure first, has the A record has pointed or configured to the destination server IP address correctly? If not pointing, these tools will notify you that A record is not yet available and will display a warning "no record data" and if the A record has pointed to the destination IP server it will display the record in the form IP.

Therefore, use this whois DNS lookup tool to check the DNS server and also the DNS propagation of a website or check your domain's DNS resolver, especially for domains or websites that have just updated the DNS Record configuration or name server whether the DNS domain propagation period connected and active? If it is active, it will display data information with various types of DNS records syntax. With these tools, you can also check the DNS IP Record which useful for making SOA Record requests for that IP as well as Reverse DNS (RDNS / Reverse IP) searches and getting PTR Records from IP addresses, in basically translating IP addresses into hostnames. Please check the DNS Record of your domain/website or other people's websites on this computer server.

Hopefully this information is very useful for you.