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For an explanation of Meta Tags Checker, please read the details below

What are Meta Tags? Meta Tags are one of the elements or code tags in the HTML file programming language on a website page, which functions to find out and provide metadata or meta info information from a website page, meta tags are placed before "<body>" and are placed a section in "<head>" in an HTML file, this meta tag is used to provide a brief description or conclusion of a website page and explain the content of the content with keywords. In general, there are several kinds of meta tags in HTML files that serve different purposes. Some of these functions include meta title description, keywords, viewport, robots, etc.

For those of you who already know and understand how SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization), of course, one of these features is quite important and may be familiar to you, but for those of you who don't really understand how to optimize SEO, start learning and getting to know wrong one of these features is the meta tag check analysis or better known as the meta tags analyzer checker, which is a way to check to help optimize or optimize on page SEO by analyzing metadata or meta info from a website page, including from the title, description, keywords, calculates what percentage total of keyword density as a whole on a page URL, measuring the percentage of SEO score keywords relevant to the content or article on the site, total heading tags from H1 to H6, total keywords in a content on the website page, and keyword density which measures what percentage of number total keywords, total links page or total links page to Including total internal links, and external links at pages, be it a page that has a link in the HTML href attribute with a rel dofollow and nofollow from that website.

Please check the meta tags of your website or check the SEO on your blog or article directly online here, in this way you can check the on-page SEO starting from the meta title, description, keywords whether it has been placed correctly and is relevant to the content of the content or your article? If placement is correct, the results will be displayed here, with these lookup tools it will find out and make it easier for you to check meta tags with all meta types such as title or title, description, keywords, viewport, robots, as well as total links, etc. Another function of meta tags on the website is actually to make it easier for search engine robots such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. to have no difficulty doing indexing, which ones must be indexed and not indexed (noindex) on our website or the website of others.

Search engines will be matching and searching for keywords that really match and are relevant from the meta tags to the content of the page content on the website, if there is something relevant according to the keywords, the page content on our website will be displayed from the search engine page results, without these tags then The website will not be optimal from the search page results, keep in mind that the correct meta tag will help SEO optimization and optimize the SERP ranking of search engine search results, but it will not always guarantee and also affect the top rankings on the SEO side, because this is all depending on several factors, especially from competitor sites and in terms of the quality of the content on that website pages.

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