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For an explanation of Ping checking, please read the details below

What is Ping IP? Ping IP stands for Packet Internet Groper Internet Protocol, a software program on basic computer and internet networks, which is used to test the range of hosts on IP networks, ping works online by sending data packets in units (bytes) to be sent via Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) in the form of Echo Request to a certain interface on the network and waiting for a response. Ping will measure the time in units (ms) in the form of data packets sent from the original host / IP to the destination host / IP, and data packets received from the destination host / IP will be sent back to the original host / IP to provide a summary of the answer in the form of diagnostic results of these data packets, Ping can be used for troubleshooting testing connectivity and determining response times, ping allows the user to verify that a specific IP address or website host exists and is able to accept requests.

With the tools for checking ping or how to test for ping an IP address, domain / sub domain as well as how to ping the website / hostname is used to diagnose and ensure that another IP or host computer is operating online. How to check this ping tools or ping checker as an alternative to ping on cmd and it works the same way, here you can also check ping IP hosting, ping server / router, or ping your own wifi IP, ping your ISP IP. How to check this ping test works in real time and immediately after you enter the IP address, or the name of the website / host that will be checked, so you can see the results of the checking easily.

What if ping doesn't work? below are the main messages and error codes if ping doesn't work, along with an explanation and their meaning:

TTL Expired in Transit
The TTL value determines the maximum amount of time an IP packet can live in the network without reaching its destination, this is effectively tied to the number of routers that IP packets can pass before being thrown away, this message indicates that the TTL has expired in transit and the number of hops required to exceed the TTL.

Destination Host Unreachable
The destination host that you are testing for ping is down or does not operate on the network.

Request Timed Out
The ping command runs out because there are no replies from the host or destination ip, no echo messages or no replies received, the reason could be due to heavy network traffic, failure of packet filtering for ARP requests, or router errors.

Unknown Host
The IP address or hostname does not exist on the network or the destination hostname cannot be resolved. To resolve this, check and verify the name and availability of the DNS server.

And another causes of error if ping checking does not work, the IP address or host that you are pointing has been blocked by a firewall application on that server, to make sure please check the server you are referring to, or check again with a different IP address / website or other host name.

Hopefully this information is very useful for you.