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To check the website domain name WHOIS lookup or check a domain quickly, please enter the domain name you want below. You can retrieve important data about a domain this way, including details of availability, ownership, creation, and expiration date of the domain.

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What is a domain name? Basically, The domain name is a website name or hostname that aims to identify the name of the website or the hostname of a computer connected to a computer network and internet, so do a website name, domain name, and hostname mean the same thing? Yes, the answer is "SAME". A domain name on the internet is a hostname that has been label and assigned to a host computer which a combination of the host's local name with its parent domain name and separated from the host-specific label by a dot (.) The hostname consists of a series of labels joined by dots.

Hostnames are translated into IP addresses via localhost files and a DNS resolver. Basically, when we open or access a site address on the internet, it is the same as opening an IP address because in the form, of a human IP address it tends to be more difficult to memorize IP numbers when accessing addresses on the internet, so rules are made by giving domain names so that they are easy to remember. Therefore, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the internet rather than using IP addresses. For example, the domain name "ipsaya.com" refers to the IP address "", so general it is easier to remember a name than a long string of numbers, the domain naming system formed by DNS rules and procedures, each name registered in DNS is a domain name. A hostname is considered a domain name if it meets the terms and conditions specified by (FQDN) including top-level domain names, otherwise known as TLD domains.

With the lookup domain tools WHOIS feature here, how to check the WHOIS of the website domain name or known as (WHOIS domain lookup), Our server will request to display an "Ownership Domain" data whose data has been provided from the DNS root zone database, which contains operator authoritative records. From various top-level domains (Domain TLD) be it gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain), ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain), and sTLD (Sponsored Top Level Domain). So by examining and search the domain name it will make it easier for you to find out, identify the domain status and check the TLD domain name that has registered or not. If you have checked the website's domain name and if the status registered then you can see the identity data information who owns or owner of the website domain name from the site, as for the information that will display starting from the name, address, telephone, email, registration date, expiration date, and the validity period or age of a domain.

To try to check it, please check your domain or the website of someone else here and who owns it?. The domain checker here is very fast and detailed, up to now our servers have supported checking whois domain names with various extensions of up to 100 more domain extensions including the Indonesian domain that we have created here (you can choose to check the domain with the extension that already registered in the "Select Extension" section), including with an extension ".COM", ".ORG", ".NET", ".BIZ", ".INFO", ".US", ".CO", ".CC", ".CA", ".IN", ".TV", ".SPACE", ".MOBI", ".NAME", ".TECH", ".XYZ", ".CO.UK", "COM.AU", "ID", ".CO.ID", ".NET.ID", ".AC.ID" and still many more.

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