How to find out, track, view, and check your computer IP address? or what is my or your IP address when using the Internet? here is solution
This site is one of the network lookup tools to check all information related to Internet network

Diagnostic Tools To Check Internet Network Information or Internet Network By Online

IP Address that you use are as follows:

The main IP address you are using :
You are using IPv4, want to know the origin of the owner of this IP address in detail? you can see and check in the section Whois Public IP Address
Your IP address :
( hostname: ec2-3-89-204-127.compute-1.amazonaws.com )
Your LAN IP :
Browser used :
CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Using Proxy or VPN ?
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if nothing changes, then you are have obviously using proxy anonymous via the website or bot proxy
Connection Type :
Organization Name :
General Electric Company
ISP AS Number :
City :
Country :
United States
Country Code :
Your Devices :
Desktop PC or Notebook
Your OS :
Unknown OS
Screen Resolution Sizes :

What is My IP Address?

The detailed information above is the result of checking your Internet IP address or check my IP address, which currently used.

IP Address is one of the Internet protocol address, which used as an identity for each device and aims to identify the location and communicate data on the network system. With this IP lookup tools, it allows you to know, see, check how many, and what is the Internet protocol / my IP address, or you are when using the Internet, besides that you can see and find which IP version you are currently using, what is my IP using IPv4 or IPv6 version? As well as how to check the Hostname or RDNS name from your IP address, LAN IP or your internal IP, the proxy used, for example, whether you use a VPN IP proxy or not, the browser used or the user agent, the name of the ISP (Internet Services Provider), the ISP AS Number or the ISP ASN (Autonomous System Number), the location of the City and Country. This tool is very suitable for tracking & detecting the location of my IP or the IP that we are using, as well as various other information such as checking the OS or operating system, size of screen display resolution that which we are Or you are using at this time, and also knowing on your devices both Desktop PCs, Notebooks, Server, Client, LAN, Router, or HP (Handphone) Android Smartphone, iPhone / Mobile Phone and a tablet connected from Wi-Fi, the mobile data packet or modem, etc.

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can check where my current location based on the IP address you are using, you can check wherever you are, for example, if you are abroad, home, office, hotel, apartment, boarding house (boarding house), schools, campuses, shops, shopping centers (malls), hospitals, airports, stations, terminals, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, and others.

Hopefully this information is very useful for you.